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Our Story

The seeds of Stand-up Hanoi were sown back in 2011 when we received an offer out-of-the-blue to host an Aussie comic that happened to be passing through. Legendary for all the wrong reasons the show attracted a full house, evidence of the Hanoi public's thirst for more alternative entertainment in a city with far too limited entertainment options. Step-by-step Hanoi has become a recognised destination for travelling comics as stand-up comedy has begun to blossom throughout South-East Asia.

About Our Events

We host regular monthly stand-up comedy shows featuring international headliners with support from the local comedy scene which comprises of both Vietnamese and expats alike. Our goal is to further develop the comedy scene here in Hanoi both by inviting leading talent from across the globe to the stage in Hanoi whilst also supporting and encouraging the development of local performers.

Our Comics

To date we have hosted the following international comedians... Adam Walz, Aidan Killian, Alex Milner, Andre King, Ari Matti Mustonen, Brian Aylward, Chris Henry, Chris Musni, Daniel Ryan Spaulding, David Alfie Ward, Gina Yashere, Glenn Wool, Jinx Yeo, John Robertson, Jonathan Atherton, JoJo Smith, Justin Rivera, Kristel Zweers, Lars Callieou, Lynn Ruth Miller, Martin Mor, Matt Davis, Michael Dorsher, Nick Milnes, Nik Coppin, Phil Kay, Phil Nichol, Piotr Szumowski, Ro Campbell, Roger Rooney, Ron Josol, Ryan Hesnek, Sean Herbert, Stephen Carlin, Tom Rhodes, Turner Sparks, Will Mars, William Childress!

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